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Black Friday Flash SBC Pack Openings – We get a Walkout!

Every hour or so during Black Friday, EA released a flash SBC that was pretty quick, cheap and easy to do and gave you a free pack… so I did them! I’ve put most of those pack openings together in a video for you to see how I went… in the 6 or 7 packs […]

FUT Online Draft – We get to use an Icon… and have our best result yet

Online drafts are great – you get to use players you haven’t really used before, play with godly teams and have a bit of fun making choices that will lead you to victory (or at least that’s the plan anyway!) I know I’m not the greatest FIFA player, but I don’t mind a draft – […]

When the SB Legendary AI Decides you aren’t winning by enough!

So, this just happened. In Squad Battles. Against the Legendary AI. After I made a mistake in attack. Did the AI feel sorry for me, or have I found a new over powered glitch? What sort of craziness have you seen from the AI in your games… link me some videos in the comments and […]

Squad Battle Rewards + Icon Ed packs Nov 20

Hey there! It’s Squad Battle rewards time again! I was so pumped for rewards this week… just had a feeling that I was going to pack something epic! Well, things didn’t quite go to plan, quite possibly the worst set of FIFA packs I have ever opened! Think sympathetic thoughts as you watch the empty […]