FIFA18 Path to Glory promo is out – Opening 10x 2-Player Rare Gold packs to find one… and I get this!!!

Ok, so EA have just released the Path to Glory promotion, essentially another Ones-to-watch batch for players on the fringe (supposedly) of making their national teams for the World Cup in Russia 2018.

…some of the new cards are really cool! Since these are all ‘live’ cards, they will automatically update if/when the player gets an upgraded card (all except for Team of the Year/Season basically), so they have the potential to become pretty huge.

There have been 25 cards released (with another 4 available as untradeables via an SBC)… Gabriel Jesus, Sane, Bakayako… those are the big ones I want, if I could snag one of them, that would be huge!

I want one… so I completed 10 gold upgrade SBC’s to get 10x 2 player rare gold packs with the chance of picking one up (yes, these would be untradeable, but I would be more than happy with that and I essentially just cleared out a heap of low-value non-rare golds I had in my club, so cost me next to nothing to complete).

…here’s what I packed, not quite what I expected, but I’ll take it!

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Thanks for reading/watching!

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