My FUT Online Division Climb… going from Div 7 to …hopefully Div 6 – do I make it?

Well, here it is. I’ve struggled in online seasons so far… it has taken me ages to get up to Division 7. As you know, I’ve only been playing FIFA for six monts, I’ve never been higher than Div 6 on FIFA17, and on 18 I haven’t been able to climb above 7.

Here I am with one win and one draw required with 5 games to go… can I make it? do I choke? does baby Jesus save me? All will be answered and more in this video that took me forever to edit! (as an added bonus, there are also a couple of pack openings at the start!)

If you enjoy it – drop a like on the video. If you have any advice for me about how I can improve my defense… leave me a comment!

Thanks for watching.

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